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Hey Flossers! 🙌🏼 Before we enter March, I feel I must reminisce about how hectic 2020 has started out! Chaotic, yes. Amazing, FUCC YES. ✅ I miss dedicating time to my beloved website and I figured I'd buckle down and just get this shit done. Let's get back to it shall we? 😘♥️ SCROLL to READ MORE!

🍾 January:

So getting kicked out of my landlady's house was pretty much a blessing in disguise, as it forced me to look for a space that would level-up my social media career. 💪🏼 I ABSOLUTELY detest moving (packing, sifting through sentimental items, unpacking, etc), and I get pretty attached to my space once I've made it my own. So this was tough. And I'll be moving AGAIN soon. 🤦🏻‍♀️

However, the move became a fulcrum to creating the content I truly need and want. Despite a higher rent, I have creative freedom and that's of utmost importance to me.

2020 started off with a bang: I had a WHOPPING 6 shoots!!! 📸🤯 Enjoy these time-lapses I've collected for you guys (some are even UNCENSORED, you're welcome). 🎥

* Apologies in advance: The vids take a bit of time to load!*

@k.ha_pix: Outdoor Boudoir

@kevinwongphotography: Lilly Evans Duo (@lovelylillyevans @lillyevans.ig)

@rr0724photo: Chinese New Year

@_bennygomez_: Blue & White dress (@kurryious invited me to this!)

@e.afoto: Blue Alien

@totomarvs: Green Lingerie

@thephotographer: (Rescheduled due to Hunchback of Notre Dame eye stye)

HOLY FUCC DAS A LOT. 😅 While I enjoyed every single one of them, I will make sure never to book that many shoots in one month. Over-booking isn't healthy nor productive to my schedule so I'll need to work on my time management better.

Mind you, that's in ADDITION to doing FaceTime/Skype sessions, customs vids, filming OnlyFans content, checking-in with my P.O. (how fun), managing giveaways, shipping merch, working out, AND enjoying my (REAL) social life...PHEW! 😰 Shout out to everyone who's been a huge help in all this - I DON'T DESERVE Y'ALL! 🙇🏻‍♀️💕

Anywho, January: you were so good to us! 👍🏼💯

🌹 February:

Ahhhh, the month of cuddles 🧸, snuggles 💋, and singles 😘...Vouléz-vous couchér avéc moi? 😈 This month was a lot smoother and I've steadily developed a manageable schedule across all my social media platforms. Slowly, but surely.

Shoots 📸🎥 :

@rr0724photo: Valentine's Day / 50k Celebration (YUY!)

@kevinwongphotography: Lilly Duo 2 (@lovelylillyevans @lillyevans.ig)

@k.ha_pix: V-Day Pink Kitty (No time-lapse but enjoy this EXCLUSIVE teaser!)

@tqpmedia: Boudoir + Car (more BTS time-lapse on his IG acct)

@rr0724photo: Basketball

@clintography: (His trip to SoCal was cancelled *pout*)

As you can see, I am ADDICTED to shooting and I TOTALLY disregarded the aforementioned "over-booking is unhealthy" LMAO!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Oh well, this is evidently my passion and uh, YOLO. 🤙🏼😎

Despite the shoots, FT/Skype + Customs were pretty slow this month, but that's understandable. 🤷🏻‍♀️ People saved their hard-earned money to spend on their sweethearts (or hey, TREAT YOSELF 🤤) for Valentine's Day and I'm 1000000% ok with that! I already received so much love this month *sigh* I love you guys so much! 😭🙏🏼♥️

🎉 THANK YOU FOR 50K on IG + 10K on TWITTER! 🎉

Welp, that pretty much sums up January and February's shenanigans. 🙌🏼 The last item on my calendar: Team Elevate LA Showdown at K1 Speed, Anaheim, CA. If any of you are attending, COME SAY HI TO ME! Car season is coming 🏎 and boy...it's going to be busy! More photoshoots, new merch, spicy content, and of course, more Flossing COMING SOON!!! 📸🔥

How was YOUR Jan & Feb? COMMENT BELOW! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Cici ♥️

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