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Mar/Apr Recap - WTF?! [NSFW]

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Drowning my ears with 2000s throwbacks, thinking to GAWD - CAROLE BASKIN KILLED HER HUSBAND?! 😱 JKJK... 2020 continues to baffle me and my Twitter timeline grotesquely evolves with cringe-y events, each more absurd than the last. 🙄 These days, maybe NOODZ are really what we need to keep us hopeful 😅 (ISSA JOKE - SUBSCRIBE TO MY ONLYFANS 🤣) SCROLL to READ MORE! ❤️


🍀 March:

We could really use a four-leaf clover right about now. 😅

How unlucky that ALL car events that I and several fellow models were going to attend were cancelled?? LITERALLY hours after investing in a buttload of merch, I receive a heads-up announcing TunerEvo would be a no-go due to COVID. 🥺😰

Slightly bummed, however, it's a relief knowing the car community (well CERTAIN parts 🙄) looks out for one another. Had they continued the event, far too many people would probably be doing the coffin dance IYKYK 😂💀⚰️ It's only ONE car show, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

WRONG! 🙅🏻‍♀️ SURPRISE, MFs! It was only a matter of time until all other events followed suit, (which I reiterate, is a GOOD thing!)

Anywho, I buckled down and ended up developing new content strategies for all my platforms. It wasn't easy, but I definitely see results. 💯

Furthermore, at least I got in a few shoots at the beginning of the month, hit 10k followers on TikTok despite all my CRINGE dance vids 😅, survived AND leveled-up from a huge drop in subscribers on OnlyFans (this is probably the only time I can thank my butthole 🤣🍑), and launched the aforementioned merch in my store. Not only that, after nearly a year, my ankle monitor was removed!!! HALLELUYUR - no more awkward poses! 😅📸 AND I finished Ozark 😂 See? Tingz always eventually get better... 🙏🏼


🎥 BTS Time-lapse (my last photoshoots before quarantine)

@thephotographer: Sweater (UNCENSORED) + Video Game shoot

@k.ha_pix + @rr0724photo: Ellizabeth May Duo (@ellizabethmayy)


☔️ April:


This month was a clusterfuck of events:

THE BAD - Trump tells the nation to drink bleach 🤦🏻‍♀️, confirmed UFO footage from The Pentagon (what a surprise), rescheduling photoshoots, jumped the gun on buying the wrong Twitch equipment, abs reverted into chubz 😑, populated beaches (WTF), bad eye stye pt. 297, 205, 294, missing the homies and kbbq, a fellow model passed away (RIP beautiful 🥺), turned my family away to prevent COVID spread (while others are out gallivanting 🙄) which resulted in SLIGHT depression, and Carole Baskin did in fact kill her husband - BISH WE AIN'T STUPID! 🐯

THE GEWD - Most importantly, no illnesses 🙏🏼, new apt (again), NUMEROUS @trucicishop & custom vid orders, fun FaceTime/Skype sessions, a spike in new creators on OnlyFans, collaborations with fellow creatives 💪🏼, developing ways to stay close to loved ones, making plenty of self-shot content, overcame my fear of playing Resident Evil 🧟‍♀️, and CRAZY increases in analytics and stats for the month 🤯🙏🏼. Oh yea... and entering a ManyVids toy contest for dicks- I MEAN, shits and giggles. Who knew my dildo and BDSM collection (AND Y'ALL WHO VOTED ❤️) would win me fame & fortune? 😅😂🍆


🎥 BTS Time-lapse

FaceTime/Skype session (UNCENSORED)

Shooting Polaroids


Alright boy and girls I'm stopping hurrr, or else this post would be endless. 😅 Despite feeling like we've traversed into the Twighlight Zone, I've reached AND surpassed my goals, while maintaining my friendships with my homies, family, and developing new connections with other creatives - I couldn't be any happier, thanks to you guys. 💯🙏🏼💕

Looking forward to next month's fuckery. 😎 In particular:


I'll be turning 27 on 5/28, and I'd love to share the celebration with YOU! 🎂🎉



Cici ❤️🤓

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1 Comment

Josh Smith
Josh Smith
May 01, 2020

I just dropped my recap as soon as I saw this lol 😂 but anyways awesome bts stuff🥰. Hope u can read mine sometime❤️. Maybe for your birthday u should do maybe a giveaway or a special one time only OF live

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