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🔔 HOW TO 🔔

- Fill out the form located HERE
- Select any ADD-ONS
- Once submitted, you cannot make changes (choose wisely!)

For Dick Ratings & Standard Solo content:

Extras are NOT provided.

Standard Solo automatically includes sexy outfit, masturbation, vaginal toy play, toy BJ, striptease.

⚠ DISCLAIMER: Due to my limited time & crazy schedule, custom requests are subject to approval. Submissions will be reviewed & added to a waitlist to ensure it aligns with my calendar and complies with legal/ethical standards.

Production does not start until payment is received & processed. If payment is not received within 3-5 days of sent approval email, no response is received from your end, your custom will be cancelled.


After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email (this is NOT an approval/decline). Approval is NOT guaranteed and is contingent on the suitability of the request.


✅ If your custom request is APPROVED, you will receive:

- an email

- delivery details

- non-negotiable invoice


❌ If your request is DECLINED, you will receive an email.

You may fill out the form again later with a different request.


❌ MY DONT's ❌

- Underage Roleplay
- Incest Roleplay

- Public Indecency
- Racist/Discriminatory/Religious content
- Anything that compromises my health
- Large-sized toys/foreign object insertion (remotes, hairbrushes, foodz, etc)
- Redistributing content w/o my permission
- Excessively long, complicated scripts/requests. They will be ignored.

- Completed requests are non-refundable

- I have the right to refuse any requests deemed too difficult/extreme/disrespectful & you will be added to my blacklist if necessary



- BG is not available at this time

- Production does not start until payment is received & processed

- If payment is not received within 3-5 days of sent approval email, no response is received from your end, your custom will be cancelled
- Videos are shot with iPhone 13 ProMax (1080p 60fps), Insta360 GO2 (1440p 60fps)
- Keep requests to a reasonable difficulty
- Specific COSPLAY/OUTFIT: you must purchase outfit/accessories for me (if/when your request is approved)

- Delivery times are subject to change

- Content will be delivered via Google Drive

- By submitting, you agree to being 18 years of age or older

- You may not share, resell, redistribute, upload any of my content

- By submitting you agree to understand & adhere to the terms of this policy page
P.O. Box:

2913 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782


Final Words...

Customs take a lot of preparation & production (outfits, toys, script, editing, uploading, scheduling, etc.) HOWEVER, I will do my best to make your fantasy a reality! Enjoy and let's make a big mess 💦


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