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Here Goes Nuffin'...

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As the old adage goes: "I HAVE NO IDEA WTF I'M DOING."

...But I'm doing it! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lmao. CLICK TO READ MORE! ♥️

To whoever is reading this, congrats, you made it to my OFFICIAL website! If you migrated from Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, or some pervy pr0n site I am unaware of...WELCOME TO THE FLOSS FAMILY! 🎉

So today's entry will be the start to a fun journey with you and I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for the support I have received and continue to receive as I progress through the many stages of InstaFuckery. LOL. Deactivated TWICE! Ain't that some shit?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Well luckily I've decided to buckle down and make my very own website where censorship isn't an issue and all of my shenanigans are accepted (...and ENCOURAGED. You guys are just as crazy as I am!) 😍

I hope you Flossers enjoy and please be patient, as my site will undergo plenty more improvements. I have a BUTTLOAD of adulting to do on the side, which I'll probably rant about and you can sit there, shut up, and listen to me as if I'm your psycho, hormonal girlfriend who's just pissy because she couldn't fit in her super cute dress the other night so she's taking it out on you...Lucky guy. ♥️

Meanwhile, I have a photoshoot with the talented Marvin Sola (@totomarvs - IG) on some pretty spicy shtuff I know y'all nasties will love. He shot my Shibari shoot, remember? 😇 I'll try to post some BTS goodies only available here on my blog.

I have a swollen-ish eye from GAWDT knows what (maybe my roommate farted on my pillow while I was on vacay), I haven't worked out in 3 billion years, and I haven't yet packed anything for my shoot, which is in just less than 3 hours. I HOPE YOU'RE NOT READING THIS MARVIN. DON'T PUT ME ON YOUR "RATCHET MODELS" LIST PLS! (jkjk) 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Wish me luck! And heeeeere goes nuffin'!

Xo 💋,

The Floss Boss aka Cici


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